About My Story and I

My Story and I is a design studio established in 2020, based in Taipei.


The intention for each object in the studio is to create a story, a painting, or a dream. By embracing neoclassicism and the concept of renaissance, the essence of life is our experiences and stories to be told.


My Story and I suggest an androgynous alternative to accessories, finding inspiration through mother nature and timeless forms.

About the Designer


Hillary, alumni of London College of Fashion 2019. Has worked with projects and brands such as Microsoft, Marios Schwab, and London Fashion Week.


Her Story:


We are pure perceiver and analytic observer.

Exploring, fine line between identity and form.

Challenging, comfort zones of known and unknown.

Grasping, colours extracted from colourless space.

Analysing, silhouettes from present, past, and future.

Creating, the unimaginable and unseen.

Prototype citizens of the fashion future.