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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Q: I have checked out the shopping cart, how will I know if the bags been shipped?

A: After checking out, you can log in to your account and password on the [Order Inquiry] page to check the progress of the goods arrival.

Q: I have completed the check out, have you received my order?

A: You can log in to the [Order Inquiry] page, if it is displayed (confirm your order, the product is being added), it means My Story & I has received your payment. If the payment is wrong, the accountant will call or mail contact you.

Q: Why is my order cancelled?

A: Because your credit card order was not completed within seven days, the system will automatically void the order after seven days.

Q: Why can't my account be used or purchased?

A: Due to different factors, the number of returns or unclaimed items will be automatically blacklisted by the system. Please confirm before purchasing to avoid affecting your online shopping rights.

Q: I bought the product yesterday and the price was reduced today?

A: In order to cooperate with promotional activities and theme promotions, some products will be sold at different prices at various stages, which are normal price adjustments and do not provide services to make up the price difference. My Story and I will provide transparent instructions on prices, discounts and promotional activities on the event page.

Q: Are all products in stock? Why do I need to add additional items? How long would I have to wait?

A: All products are in stock, but due to manufacturing and customisation production time, there are still a small number of products will be for pre-order! If the product is a pre-order product, the customer service inform you first. Restock is around 7-20 working days, our customer service team will inform you that the products are back in stock and will be ready to be shipped to you in no time!